Nvidia 5200 AGP with a great S-video TV-output ? (1 Viewer)


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  • January 6, 2006
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    I would like to use media portal with my old PC.

    • AMD Duron 1,3 Mhz
    • 512 Mb Ram
    • Abit KT7
    • Radeon Gigabyte 9000
    • TV Sony 16/9 28p
    • Videoprojector Sony VPLS HS10

    The Gigabyte S-video quality output is really poor on MyTv.
    On my new PC with an Asus Nvidia 6200 TC Pci Express the TV output is very nice.
    As i don't need HDTV output. I am just looking for a WM9 hardware video card.
    I was thinking about a Nvidia 5200FX AGP but which one with the best S-video output ?
    Are some with componant output for the videoprojector



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