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March 19, 2009
Hey guys,

I hope somebody can help me out.

I am having some problems with the performace of MediaPortal. to be more specific, when I am using MediaPortal the menu's are very laggy, and I get approx 2 fps for video's or live TV (regardless of format/codec)

Now, to make things a little more complex, I have more than 1 Vid card. I have an 8800 and 2x 6200's in my machine. If i tell MP to start on any monitor on the 8800, then everything runs find, and is smooth and how i expect.

If I tell it to start on either of the 6200's the above problem happens.

I have lots of screens, and I use the outputs from the extra cards for choosing between the projector, or the TV.

I am using the latest release of MP (downloaded and installed today),

PC Spec:
Windows Vista x64
8GB DDR 800 memory
SSD 60gb HDD
Vista E800F TV card
1x Nvidia 8800
2x Nvidia 6200

I did reference this post

however, the options discussed in the thread are no longer in the version i have installed, which makes me wonder if they have been removed, or set to always on?

Any advice would be greatly welcomed



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    Cannot be 100% sure, but suspect the fact they are PCI, not pci-e boards, is creating a bottleneck, the motherboard cannot cope with.


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    March 19, 2009

    I think its something specific to MP, because outside of MP I can watch movies etc (tested with wmp, and vlc).

    Just seems to be MP that has issues

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