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June 20, 2004
What about a module to view your DVD collection. I use DVD Profiler for my DVD collection (over 200 DVD's right now).
I know this is possible beacuse i used this feature whith myHTPC, you had to convert the DVD Profiler data (XML?) and extract the covers from the database (all was done whith a very simple program.
I was able to view my entire collection including all details like genre, covers and plot. In my HTPC you could select an DVD you would like to see, hit the button and then it would ask you to insert the according disc.

I would like to see such module for MediaPortal because after that it has everything i ever wanted.

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August 26, 2004
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Nice idea!

However I think there is a fairly easy way to accomplish this in a slightly different way. The way it works right now is that MP can recognize a DVD on harddisk, simply by checking the directory structure.

What I know that works already is to create an empty structure (name of DVD as a directory and a VIDEO_TS subdirectory) and MP already is able to find the movie information without having the actual DVD on hard disk!

If the play command would test the prescence of the actual DVD data, and if absent ask for the DVD to be inserted into the DVD drive, you get the required functionality quite cheap.

Of course that does NOT provide you with the ability to simply import your DVDs into MP. This "solution" has some manual touch to it :wink:


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  • April 22, 2004
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    You can allready do this by doing F3 (lookup) on the dvd share.
    after this do a refresh and enter the correct name for the dvd.

    Granted, it's not a very nice way, but with some tweaks it is the way it will be done.


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  • April 27, 2004
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    Hi folks,

    perhaps someone can give me a hint onto this. I only get one offline DVD into the database.

    What i do:
    - i go to My Videos / Title View
    - i go to my shared DVD and hit F3
    - i hit refresh and enter the desired movie, e.g. "Spiderman"
    - works fine i get the info and set as source DVD#000
    - i switch to Movie View and see my new entry of "Spiderman", very nice
    - selecting it, i get a dialogbox saying: Please insert DVD#000

    so far so good, but now i want to enter an additional movie, so
    - i switch back to Title View
    - i go to my shared DVD and hit F3
    - i get the info of "Spiderman"
    - i hit refresh and enter the new movie, e.g. "X-Men"
    - works fine i get the info and set as source DVD#001
    - i switch to Movie View and want to see "Spiderman" and "X-Men", but i only see "X-Men"!?! :?

    What am i doing wrong? Or is it a bug?



    I also use DVD Profiler (and love it!) for my offline DVD collection. Is there any way we could use it like KlereBak suggested?

    or make a plugin that is like it?


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    April 22, 2004
    I said not exactly cause it was not made for supporting that type of features, so it's not geared toward an integration in the video environnement of Media Portal.

    So how do you set that up.... I don't use DVD profiler so my help is limited.

    1) You have to find a way to export your database to generate a file that looks like this

    title=DVD profiler tag for Title 
    Category="System","DVD profiler tag for whatever you wnat to put under system" 
    Category="Company","DVD profiler tag for whatever you wnat to put under Company" 
    Category="Genre",DVD profiler tag for Genre 
    Review=DVD profiler tag for Rating 
    Overview=Directed by DVD profiler tag for Director 
    DVD profiler tag for Description/Overview
    chain="Game",""DVD profiler tag for nothing"" 
    images="DVD profiler tag for Images"

    2) The soft DVDpro2my should generate a .my file that needs some tweaking (Title, overview and images are rightly generated). You should first export your database to xml.
    (I just saw this DVDpro2my is free software, so if you know any good programmer that should be easy to create a perfect conversion tool. The sources are in python. The parts that needs modification doesn't look so hard and it's pretty clear).

    3) In the end if nothing works it's always possible to export from DVD Profiler to CSV (comma separated values) and then use Ant Movie Catalog to create the .my files.


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    July 11, 2004
    anyone succeded in importing a dvdprofiler into MP? Or is there another way nowdays?



    I also use dvd profiler, I can code the conversion from xml to the database but would like to know if the above issue has been addressed with regards to MP prompting for a specified disc.

    I dug into the videomanager2.db database and had a look at the tables and was unclear exactly how offline movies work. In the plugin I do see a spot for "disc Number" but I am still unclear if it actually does anything, or how to get the info into MP.

    Another question/gripe I had was that it appears that the plugin pulls covers from imbd that look like crap when you view the full view of a movie. Is there any support for local images to be used instead? DvdProfiler grabs very nice images and I think they would be nice to use instead of the imdb stuff...

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