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December 25, 2004

mediaportal can connect to a FTP folder and cache the file there. This works pretty good, except for the following:
- Must confirm download
- Must wait until file is finished downloading
- Cannot "auto-download" files (must create script yourself).

Today I use "Offline files" (CSC) in Windows for this. I have all my media files on another computer, and they are set to be available offline. I run a scheduled job on idle that download files for fast access later. This way, most of my files are (transparently) available, mediaportal does not know if the network is up or not. If a file is not downloaded by the time I access it, it is opened remotely, and I can seek/rewind at will.

At least, that is the theory.... Offline files pretty buggy. It goes into offline mode, and stays there, even if the network is just down a couple of seconds. Sometimes it disables itself if the disk is full. It does not support incremental downloads. The list goes on...

Is it possible to take the FTP support of today, and add support for random access to not-yet-downloaded files and also a scheduler that downloads files when the computer is idle? I think this could be of great help to many people, as they probably store media files on a remote computer.

comments and suggestions much appreciated

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