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July 28, 2009
I have about 30 video files that have an audio sync issue, they aren't all exactly the same though.

Now if I play them in mpchc, I cant change the audioshift on the fly, and roughly the right spot that fixes it is about -250ms.

In mediaportal I found the ACTION_AUDIO_DELAY, so I just assigned 2 buttons on the remote to MIN and PLUS, but nothing changes when I press them.

Is this command similar to the audioshift in MPCHC?

If it is, can it be shown by osd, what are the increments, and does it reset when the next video is loaded?



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July 28, 2009
Re: what exactly does ACTION_AUDIO_DELAY do?

So Im assuming then that this command does nothing?

Is there another way to adjust audio delay on the fly with a remote??


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February 26, 2010
Re: what exactly does ACTION_AUDIO_DELAY do?

I would also be interested to know how this function works and why it only goes one way.

Some dvd's when encoded end up having audio and video out of sync (for reasons unknown to me, re-encoding results in the same problem) and rather than try to solve this the hard way by changing the file itself, I was glad to have discovered this function in MP. Only to find out that it doesn't seem to work and can only solve audio ahead of the video, not audio lagging?

Can someone explain?



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July 28, 2009
Media Portal is now 1.1 Final, is there any settings for this yet?

would really like to know this.


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