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January 14, 2009
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I'm running MP
Out of a possible 8 DVB-T channels and 6 Analog TV Channels I am only able to view 2 DVB-T channels!!
I cannot actually receive any of the analog channels and out of the DVB-T channels; 2 (TV1 & TV2) are viewable, 1 (TV3) can be viewed but the audio and video do not stay in sync, all others have audio but only display a green flickering picture. When I was using PowerCinema with the same configuration I could view all channels, DVB-T and analog.
So what's wrong with MediaPortal?
Ironically, I can view all the DVB-T channels on a second PC running as a client of this PC!

I'm using two TV cards, HVR-4000 and HVR-2000, Vista Ultimate.

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