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April 29, 2004
Hi Guys,

Nog really a bug, but more a kind of a question..
I'm not a C# programmer just a simple PHP developer.. so i don't fully understand the syntax and the working of the CVS sources.. but i noticed something..

Almost every file does the following to read some settings:
using(MediaPortal.Profile.Xml xmlreader=new MediaPortal.Profile.Xml("MediaPortal.xml"))

Everytime its calling up a new xmlreader class which read mediaportal.xml
Now i know that reading a XML file and searching for a string isn't the fastest thing around in Windows.. but i see almost every file doing this..

Does mediaportal cache this file and store all settings? or is it really loading and reading this file everytime a module try's to retreive a setting?

Sounds like a bit of an overhead :)
but please correct me if i'm wrong, i've been unable to dive into C#, but going to as soon as RL allows me :)


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August 25, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
This isn't exactly relevant, but it fits the title of this thread so I'll post it here:

I think its about time that someone sat down and thought through the config application a bit more. It use to do its job well, but recently with all these new features and plugins, it has become a bit messy and convoluted. The main problem is that some plugins have dedicated sections on the menu-tree, while for others you have to go to the plugins section and press setup. This makes it hard for new users to find things. You may argue that only the essential things should have their own item in the menu-tree, but even the Home screen setup doesn't, and I think that is pretty essential.

The solution I reckon, is to keep the current style, but to give all activated plugins a place on the menu tree. So something like this:

-each activated plugin has an entry here, e.g.
-My TV
-Power Scheduler
-My Music
-My Videos etc.

You would be able to select the activated plugins when you click on the plugin item. It would then update the items in the menu-tree. When you select a particular plugin in the tree, you can configure it - this includes process and window plugins. So for example, the current TV section would be located under the My TV section.

I would love to contribute more to MP, but time restraints are limiting me. Don't consider this as criticism, it isn't; it is merely a suggestion that I think would be useful. I know it would be a huge undertaking to do this, but I think in the long run it would be good for MP.


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