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December 12, 2008
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I've got this client working, using the 64bit version of v1.3.2 posted on this forum (tv client machine = vista 64 laptop, tv server is vista 32 htpc), and the postings regarding how to open tcp port 1433 properly also on this forum. (I get connect OK in all 4 tests).

I get a full listing of channels, with EPG, in TV client. I can double click on listed channels, and they stream and play to my tv-client machine using vlc just fine at least for SD channels. Not sure I can say "fine" about vlc's playback of hd channels yet, but stream is at least there.

some questions:

- the recordings and schedules tabs of MP TV client are blank. Should they be? Should I be able to list and even launch viewing of my recorded tv files from there? or set recordings?

- I have MP powersheduler setup on the htpc. It shuts down after 15 min inactive. Even when I am streaming to tv-client machine, this seems to happen. Is this expected, did anyone work on this?


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