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March 27, 2008
I have a minor dilemma and I though I’d toss it to the experts to see what you all suggest.

I have two computers. One as a media PC in the lounge running mediaportal and tv server, and the other tucked away with all my media stored on it. Specifically: one shared folder containing an ever increasing collection of my ripped movies and another folder containing TV shows and series that I’ve ripped in subfolders. The latter is organized roughly by genre>title>series e.g. Documentary>Time Team>Series 8>.

In the past I have just used the My Videos option set to view shares and browsed the folders like that. However I want to move away from this due to the number of dvds I have and plan to rip. Theres just too many of them to keep organized using folders alone. The movie database is fine for this. Its no good for the TV series though because it cant deal with the episodes properly plus I want to keep them separate.

I have looked at the My TVSeries plugin but it didn’t recognize most of the contents of my TV folder. And the whole thing ends up a mess.

Anyone got any suggestions for plugins or solutions. Or perhaps how I could re-organize my collections?

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