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Sometimes I don't want to start the MP, then no Records will be done. An outsourced Recording tool, running in the Background would be very nice. Even if MP hangs or is closed the recorder finishs his job.

I tought about a record Server, the Recorder should be recordable over MP or a TCP/IP Stream,
or a Webinterface andsoon;Would be great if I can send Recordinstructions from any PC I like.

Than if this is oursourced some other things could be done over a TCP Connection:

Think about: Every function MP could be controlled over TCP/IP, so I can write up a little Linux application on my Desktop to start Recording or start/stop playing music of my Media PC.

If MP acts as a Server with a good Documentet TCP/IP Interface everybody can write Tools and Plugins in the Language he likes. The Interface must do all: play Music and get XMLTV Data... tune in TV etc.

For Example: Remote control for Pocket PC; Webinterface (control your MP from work)
Little MP3 player start/stop on my Desktop....

Would be nice if MediaPortal would be a real Portal for the Network...

This is just an Idea, I didn't code on .net or windows uptil now... but Python and Java is my world :)

you guys are great, keep up that work!

cu Mody

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    this is allready in the todo.txt.
    You can find it in the application folder /docs or on CVS.


    Do you mean the network Inerface or the Recorder?

    I read the todo.txt and the only ting I found was sperate Interface Client/Server! And add network streaming

    Just to be sure what's planned:

    - The Recorder would be a standalone Program?
    - One can control MP with any Client in the Network? (If one writes it)

    btw. on second part: Winlirc can be a client, too. So a point in Todo list can be a WINlirc driver for MP.

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