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April 7, 2007
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Hi everyone,

I've found out, that if Haali splitter installed with avi support, then vobsub autoload feature don't work on avi files with external subtitles (srt, sub, etc.). No matter how you set up vobsub, enable or disable haali's vobsub
autoload feature, it just doesn't work. Adding vobsub in mediaportal as postprocessing filter also does not solve the problem, because vobsub won't be included in the graph on rendering.

Since Haali's splitter otherwise works really great for avi-s too (for example handling avi files with multiple audio streams, etc) this haali bug (i guess) can be quite annoying.

So I made this pach to fix this issue in mediaportal. It does the following:

1. Looks for vobsub filter after the graph has been rendered.
2. If vobsub is there - either the autoloading or the "normal" version - then checks if it is properly connected. Checks for both the video and subtitle pins.
3. If the video pins are not connected, then inserts vobsub right before the vmr9 renderer.
4. If the subtitle input pin is not connected, then looks for haali splitter, and if it is there, then connects haali's subtitle output pin (if any) to vobsub.
5. Finally makes vobsub to refresh available subtitle streams (reloading available external subtitle info).

So with this patch, basically and generally you will be able to fix "vobsub not loading issues". Simply add vobsub as postprocessing filter, and then vobsub will always load and connect properly into the graph providing subtitles whenever possible. (If you added vobsub as postprocessing filter, you can disable autoloading in vobsub config, and also in haali config.)

This patch does not affect vobsub autoloading functionality. If vobsub autoloaded and connected properly, the patch does not touch it.

Affected files: VideoPlayerVMR9.cs, VMR9.cs

I used the latest SVN files (rev 16346)

I have submitted the patch to the tracker: Here



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November 25, 2007
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Was this patch ever applied? I'm using the release and am running into this problem. I'm having to remux ogm+ssa files to work around the problem. :(


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April 21, 2007
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Im also having trouble gettings subs to show up in MP. About exactly the problem that should have been fixed by this patch actually..

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