[PATCH] Internal Tuner with External Changer combination (1 Viewer)



Allows for changing of channel in external decoder when it is plugged into capture card using arial cable. In this case all channels coming from the external decoder are tuned into the same internal tv tuner channel on the capture card. However, you can't use an internal tuner for all your channels and have media portal use an external channel changer at the same time (such as a redeye serial). This gets around that problem.

I had to do this as a workaround in order for my setup to work as my sat decoder does not provide SVHS or composite video output (only R/f and/or SCART). I had tried converting the SCART signal from the sat decoder to SVHS to connect into my WinTV PVR350 but the signal quality was so bad that I had to use the arial out into the PVR350 arial input instead. Therefore, I couldn't use the current External channel functionality.

Also, as I'm using a Sky digital sat decoder with a subscription, a DVBS capture card in my HTPC is out of the question (there isn't one available that supports decoding the Sky encrypted channels).

See the following for patch info:

I hope someone else finds this useful.

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