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January 10, 2005

Because I've got a big collection of movies on cds and dvds, I use for 3 years now Ant Movie Catalog to manage my collection. Since I launched Media Portal for the first time, I wanted to import my amc database into Media Portal. Well, I could use the video database manager of MP, but I'm lazy, and I didn't want to re-enter my 200 - 250 movies one by one. So I had to find another solution. And I found MPMovieInfo. This tool is pretty cool, and It does exactly what I want but there was a problem with the movies-on-cd management of MediaPortal : each cd movie must have the serial number of the cd registered in the videodatabase (field cdlabel of path table). So even if I could import my amc database, I was not able to launch my movies because the cdlabel was not inserted by MPMovieInfo into the database. Entering all my cds and dvds one by one in my dvd reader to register the cdlabel in MP was not an option, so I decided to contact yarkyark (creator of MPMovieInfo) to find a solution. And here is what we decided :

For each movies on cd, MPMovieInfo set the cdlabel to "nolabel"+number. So all cdlabels are different. Then I modified the way Media Portal manages the cdlabel.
Until now, Media Portal put the cdlabel in the database when the movie is added in the database.
Now, the cdlabel is inserted the first time the movie is launched.

So if you import your database with MPMovieInfo, the first time you launch a movie, if it's on a cd, MP will check the cdlabel. If the substring "nolabel" is in the cdlabel, then the cdlabel is updated with the real one.

I hope this modification will be added by the team. It does not change the way MP works when the database is created by MP, but it allows people who has many cds to import there catalog easily.

More about AntMovieCatalog : http://www.antp.be/software/moviecatalog/

More about MPMovieInfo : http://nolanparty.com/mediaportal.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=35481#35481

More about my patch : http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1179349&group_id=107397&atid=647927

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