[Patch] USBUIRT - Adds Toggle Code Support for IR TX (1 Viewer)


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  • October 13, 2005
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    Submitted to SourceForge: USBUIRT - Adds Toggle Code Support for IR TX

    Added support for IR Transmit toggles codes for set-top boxes that use RC5, RC6, and other toggle code formats. This fixes problems on some STBs when trying to change channels that have repeating digits such as 112, 344, etc.  Prior to this change the duplicated digits would be ignored (transmitting 112 would result in set-top box detecting the digits 12). New STB IR training method requires each button be learned twice (normal and toggled version of IR code).
    Added USBUIRT configuration version to USBUIRT settings form. 
    Changed USBUIRT IR Training window style to resizable tool window.
    Added ability to teach and delete individual Set-top box IR TX codes.
    Minor gui fixes.

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