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July 6, 2007

Imagine the following sceneario:

You're wathing a video with subtitles. At some point, you want to re-read carefully a certain dialog, so you press pause to have plenty of time.... Then, the pause OSD stays just on the subs, so you can't read them...


When there's subtitles being displayed and some OSD at the same time, one of them should be moved so both are visible.

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April 21, 2008
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+1 also the same if you want to change subtitles or to use the option for the delay the osd is on top and you never know if oyu just fix the delay of the subs.


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  • December 1, 2008
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    That's why I shifted all OSD info to the top...
    I did it in my "patched" version of popular skin XFactor.
    But it wil become a problem when I get a movie with subtitles located on the top :)


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    February 28, 2007
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    Is there any skin that doesn't display a huge OSD when using pause or allows to disable this OSD?
    The Black Glass Nova Skin had a very tiny OSD / dialogue at the bottom of the screen, but the skin doesn't work on MP 1.9 (or does it?)
    I think MP should offer a configutation option fo disable the OSD when perssing pause

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