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[Bug] - Pciture freeze when jumping forward

Discussion in 'Submit: Bug Reports' started by HTPCSourcer, March 12, 2018.

  1. HTPCSourcer
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    HTPCSourcer MP2 Product Manager

    May 16, 2008
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    MediaPortal 2 Version: 2.1.3


    For quite some time I occasionally encounter the following issue:

    Playback of (cut) mkv movie files is working normally, however, when moving forward/backward, the picture freezes while audio continues to play normally. Until now I was suspecting a bad recording but now I believe that there is another issue given the following elements:
    • The original ts file is behaving OK when played from the recording folder.
    • The cut mkv file can be stopped/continued and skipped as desired in WMC
    • I can't move forward in the cut mkv file. Once paused, MP2 displays the described weird behavior.
      • Even more, when the file is played again and the option "start replay from ..." is selected, then the same issue occurs: screen stays dark while audio is playing from the desired time onwards
      • Playback starts normally if started from the beginning of the file. Jumping forward yields the same problem again.
    I don't understand what is happening since the great majority of cut files behaves as expected. It only happens sometimes. However, I recorded "Hidden figures" now five times and had the same problem with each recording.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    Not reproducible in each occasion.


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  3. morpheus_xx
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    morpheus_xx Lead Dev MP2

    March 24, 2007
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    Can you try to playback the file inside GraphEdit with same filters as in MP2? It should be LAV as source splitter and codecs by default, but it would be good to check the used graph in MP2 what filters are exactly used.

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