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December 10, 2005
Hi, I have a Pinnacle PCTV300i DVB-T TV Card. But I can't get the included remote control to work with MediaPortal. The remote is ir-based, but it is connected at the tv-card and not at a serial port. Does MediaPortal work with this remote at all? Or is there a plug-in to use it?
I tried some MediaCentre software, but none support this remote, only the Media Center from Pinnacle, and that is a crappy piece of software.
So any hint on how to use the remote is appreciated.
Thanks, jester


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November 30, 2004
Groningen, Netherlands
There are some posts on the old pinnacle remote. You might check if the same solution works for you. The solution is based on the fact that the remote software is a little program (remoteterm.exe) that uses a profiles.ini. This ini file can be reconfigured for almost any program. There's a pdf-file with the old remote that tells you how.
Try it out, and if it works (or doesn't), post it. There have been more questions about this remote, but I don't recall ever seeing the awnser if it works.


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February 7, 2005
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it's supported...........

you can configure profile.ini for all program you want, search in pinnacle cd or web for "remote.pdf" it help you to know what remote version have and keycode

pinnacle remote simply emulate keyboard and whatever thing have keyboard shortcuts can be controlled

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