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I'm not sure if somebody did a post on this allready.
If so, i was not able to find it.

How to play your streams fullscreen;
I have lots of streamfiles (*.asx) with different format referrals in them.

While i'm aware of the fact that playing streams in My Radio was not intended and a newer release will probably give the option to play them under My video's (Great Work Guy's ! Keep it up !!)

I wanted to play them fullscreen NOW ! :shock:

The solution is simple and slightly ugly but failproof.

1 Just place all your asx files in a directory within your movie or radio
directory. (elsewhere, no problem of course)

2 Set Media Player Classic (see new codecs in release as the
external player in the configuration screen under Movie Player.

*(startup M P C outside MP)

3 Make sure you set M P C to open all files in fullscreen.
4 and to remember te previous window setting.
5 associate M P C with all filetypes
6 disable logo on startup
7 disable statusbar and other bars.
8 disable or set other things on your way wich i forgot to mention.

9 Set the key's and other input you normally use for play pause exit etc.

10 Set your audio as you like.

Now you have set up M P C as an external player for all know filetype's
including ASX and *.RM

ok, it doesn't look that pretty, :?
and you get a pulldown menu while exitting the player.
but heey it play's nicely and is configurable ! :D

Greetings !

Hope to see that streaming capability within MP soon !
Having fun with MP in the meanwhile !


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January 22, 2005
I have been looking for some good video streams on google, but haven't found many. Any chance you could post some of the ones you have found?


Streams and Sharing

Hi DaveyB,

Yesterday i heard Luke talking about a possible maybe on a location to share MP related files in the future.
In the meanwhile; if you have any webspace available to place
aprrox. 150MB of streams on, Then you can get them all !

Otherwise, a good location to look for streams would be;
It's french and has mostly XBox streams.
But, a renaming of the *.str or *.strm to *.asx works wonders on most of them.


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