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  • September 3, 2006
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    I just came across this video demonstrating the new "Play To" funcionality in Windows 7 where you can:

    Use WiFi to play music from yout PC on WiFi radios that supports it

    Send images to pictureframes and cellphones

    Send images from cellphones to the computer

    And so on, is it possible to get something like this built into MediaPortal? So that when listening to Music on the HTPC can just right click and choose "play on radio in kitchen".

    Or one has a party people can take pictures with their phoes and then send it to the HTPC and it will show up on the TV on the wall and so on?

    In my opinion this would be the little extra that could secure MPs place on the top.

    This might be too comlex to build into MediaPortal 1 at this stage, but just tought I'd write it up here so I wouldn't forget it.

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