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Hi there,

Area: Movies
MP Version: 0.2.0 RC 1
Skin: BLUE
Windows Version: Windows xp sp2
CPU Type: Sempron 3000+
Memory: 512mb DDR400
Motherboard Chipset: Asus KV8-MX with VIA
Video Card: MSI FX9550
Video Card Driver: Latest
Video Render Type: VRM 9 renderless
Video Codec Type & Version: any
Audio Codec Type & Version: any
TV Card: not yet
TV Card Type:
TV Card Driver:
TV Card Driver:

Synopsis: When the OSD pops up the movie playback gets distorted and occupies only upper third of the screen. Audio is sill playing correctly. When going back to the previos window the part of the distortion is still visible in the upper part. When going back to the movie everything's fine again - just until I wake the OSD again.

This seems to be independent of codec.

Any suggestions?




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November 5, 2005

What overlay are you using, VMR7, VMR 9, Overlay etc!!

I'm not an expert in this but have tried hard to get things working. As I understand (or see it) overlay mode seems to work generally well in all situations but the OSD does work when using overlay. When switching to VMR7 or VMR9, where OSD does work, there are more problems with the graphics card you are using.

Try (if you havn't already) to go back to 'overlay', make sure everything works, then try VMR7 (which, given that I'm not an expert in this, must be less demanding that VMR9), then try VMR9.

I thing certain versions of MP don;t se these terms; maybe you should tried the latest CVS version!

Hope my comments help


Hi Dave,

thanks for your reply! I played around a little bit last night and in fact the problem disappeared when I went back to 0.1.3.

For the records I'm using VMR 9.

... there are more problems with the graphics card you are using.

Do you mean there are specific problems with my particular graphics card, or is it just a general statement that VMR 9 is sort of difficult for any card?


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