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June 4, 2006
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I am really looking for some help in configuring Media Portal v1.0 to play DVD's. Without Power DVD 8 installed I can play a DVD quite happily, but when I stop the DVD and return to the main Media Portal menu, the screen area that was previously being used for the DVD playback remains "on top" with the Media Portal user interface "underneath". I run Media Portal in Full Screen and I use a Mini Mac in client mode connected to a Panasonic Plasma screen.

What appears to be happening is that Media Portal does not "tear down" the screen area that the DVD was using leaving that area enable and on top. If I have the screen set to "Stretch" then the previous DVD play area now occupied the whole screen and I can no longer access Media Portal (ps I have Media Portal set to be Always on Top).

When I installed PowerDVD8 that effect does not happen, however when I load a DVD, PowerDVD8 wants to come on screen to play the DVD even though I have set the PowerDVD8 options to not play DVD's.

Has anyone successfully got Media Portal to play DVD's and behave itself - preferably with its own native DVD player? If so, how did you do it? What configurations did you set?

Any help in setting Media Portal up to properly handle DVD's without PowerDVD would be appreciated.

Cheers Mike


Ok problem solved - changed to VMR9 until MPv1.0.1 when the new MPEG2 filter is installed. The VMR option solved the issues and DVD playback works great now.

Cheers Mike

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