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Discussion in 'Installation, configuration support' started by miri-dk, September 11, 2009.

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    I have a lot of Topfield .rec files that is actually DVB recordings in a .ts format with a header. If I put ".rec" into the configuration field "Video Extensions" then I'm able to play the files, but I don't get the opportunity to chose between the DVB audio/subtitle PIDs as I do if I change the format from .rec to .ts. It seems like the .TS files gets some facilities form the TV section, that similar file-formats don't get.......

    Is there a way to play the .rec files directly with audio/subtitle opportunities - but without changing the format?

    VLC and XBMC can do this, but I like the possiblities and design of MP

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    Basically our TSReader filter is used for the .ts extension files and another demuxer is used for the .rec files.
    Hence why you don't have the options when playing back the extensions when they're .rec.
    This can be easily changed in MP BUT there could be other formats using that same extension and cause confusion *shrug*

    See here: File extension REC - EpiData data file

    To hard code it however you have to change line 304 in PlayerFactory.cs to:
    if (extension == ".tsbuffer" || extension == ".ts" || extension == ".rec") //new support for Topfield recordings

    Add the .rec support to a feature request otherwise just rename the files accordingly.


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