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March 20, 2008
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I hope someone can help me with this annoying issue I'm having. I'm getting errors on when playing tracks from my playlists. Here's the log file.

2008-06-23 07:29:02.640625 [ERROR][MPMain]: BASS: Unable to play \\Area51office\music\Albums\X & Y\Coldplay - Low.mp3. Reason: BASS_ERROR_FILEOPEN.
2008-06-23 07:29:02.671875 [ERROR][MPMain]: PlaylistPlayer: *** unable to play - \\Area51office\music\Albums\X & Y\Coldplay - Low.mp3 - skipping track!

Thanks for looking.


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    There seems to be some problem with the file.
    BASS Player can't open it.
    Are other files from this share playing well?


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    March 20, 2008
    Canada Canada
    Other songs play from this share here's a little more detail on what's going on...

    During playback song (a) will play from start to finish, song (b) will play for 10 seconds then skip to track (c) and this will play from start to finish. Then track (d) will play for 10 seconds, then skip to track (e) will play from start to finish.

    Any ideas, going crazy here!

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