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October 22, 2005
Hi all. I just discovered Media Portal after setting up a few MCE systems and I really think it has more to offer. I'm very impressed so far.

As the post suggests I'm in Australia (Brisbane) and I'm looking for a TV Guide setup. I have searched the posts and tried a few programs but always some problem crops up.

For example - after ages getting D!XMLTVGrabber to work I realized that ABC2 is not included in the list of stations.

My box has a digital card for free-to-air and an analog card for Foxtel. So I need a guide that can cope with digital FTA as well as Foxtel.

Once I know the system to use I'm happy to research it myself but can some kind person save me some time and recommend a Guide setup that can handle this requirement?




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October 22, 2005
For some reason the HD stuff for d1xmltv is incorrect BUT if you use SD you can get still get all the channels, i.e HD as well. Check out my setttings below. These are for the sunshine Coast, so you will to change them for Brissy. But notice that it is all SD. You will need to change the Proxy settigns as well as the ChannelNameChange (or just delete them).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

	<add key="WSURL" value="" />
	<add key="region" value="QLDReg" />
	<add key="provider" value="freesd" />
	<add key="ExcludeChannels" value="" />
	<add key="ChannelDataDuplicate" value="" />
	<add key="ChannelNameChange" value="freesd.QLDReg.2-2|ABC2;freesd.QLDReg.2-3|ABC HDTV;freesd.QLDReg.2-4|ABC TV;freesd.QLDReg.7C-HD|7 HD;freesd.QLDReg.WIN|WINTV Sunshine Coast;freesd.QLDReg.10|SC10 Sunshine Coast" />
	<add key="DaysForecast" value="7" />
	<add key="TimeDifference" value="" />
	<add key="FilePath" value="D:\Utils\tvguide.xml" />
	<add key="ProxyURL" value="" />
	<add key="ProxyPort" value="8080" />
	<add key="IconPath" value="C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\thumbs\tv\logos" />


Hope this helps.
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