Please Help with AC3 5.1 XviD and Setup MP for 5.1 Audio (1 Viewer)


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February 14, 2006
I would like to encode DivX / XviD from my DVD collections with AC3 5.1 audio from the original DVD but not sure how to and what softwares to use.

I have access to both a MAC and a PC and have recently downloaded the following softwares but not sure how to encode AC3 5.1 audio (I have no problem encoding with 2ch Stereo):

1. ffmpegX 0.0.9s
2. handbrake 0.7.0
3. D-Vision 3

1. DVDx 2.3
2. SimpleDivX 1.40.19

Which of the above software would you recommend - alternatively, is there another piece of software that can achieved the above subject.

Furthermore, assume that the above is successful, what would I need to do to configure MP in My movies to allow DivX / XviD with AC3 5.1 audio to play back.

Please advice.

Specification of my HTPC:

Shuttle SN85G4V2 XPC
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
ATI AIW 9700 Pro (128Mb) Video Graphic
LG 42" SD Plasma Screen (connected via DVI cable to 9700 Pro)
Pioneer 7.1 AV Receiver (Audio connected via SPDIF to SPDIF Out from the XPC)

According to Shuttle Website - the SN85G4V2 is based on following:
Chipset: NVIDIA nForceâ„¢3 150
Audio: Realtek ALC 650 6 channel audio

Many thanks.

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