please include new 'AVER DVB-T 777' (A16AR) PID


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May 27, 2006

Hi there,
could one of the developers please include the ID of AVER's 'DVB-T 777' to the cards database?
I always have to edit the entry for AVER A16AR (that's what it's called in device manager) manually to ven_1131&dev_7133&subsys_2c051461&rev_d1 to get it detected.
Would be one more tuner that's supported out-of-the-box by MP!

I already posted this in the FEATURE REQUEST but it was deleted.


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  • February 16, 2005
    yep, dman really does Rock, doesn't he :)

    I imagine he has a kind of Bat Cave and when he gets a support email for a new card his red phone rings. He then gets his young ward and together they jump down poles and end up in the cave wearing underwear on the outside, move over to the Bat-TVcard support computer and set to work. Holy Media Potal Updates, Batman ;-)

    We all appreciate you dman.


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    June 25, 2006
    Arnie_75: Does the card work properly on your system? On my system the card gets detected by MediaPortal now, but the program crashes every time I try to start the channel scan.
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