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June 5, 2005
EPGfr is a plugin which download an xml file containing EPG datas for French channels and put them in MediaPortal.

This xml file is made by a french group of users and put for download on some mirrors (to load balance the network). I have an autorisation to work with this xml file. This file is refresh every day.
The plugin EPGfr I have start to develop, choose one mirror, download the xml file and then parse the datas to be put in MediaPortal.

The way the plugin parse the file : it only take care of channels which are configure in MediaPortal. The xml file contains 180 channels (something like 34000 programs, but only in french language).

Setup : just put the "epgfr.dll" in the ".../mediaportal/plugin/windows/" folder.
The next time you use MediaPortal, the plugin will add missing part to work (unrar.dll, skin file, folder to unzip/unrar, put configuration file, ...)

The plugin is in the homepage of MediaPortal under the name "Gestion EPG".

The Webpage of the plugin (in French)

On en discute en français ici (French topic on the french MP forum)

One screenshot :

The link to download the plugin.
Download (116 Kb)

Question to world users :
Do I have to translate the plugin ? I don't know if the xml file the plugin use exist for other country.

It is my first plugin for MediaPortal, and so it is the first time I announce it here. If it need more details, don't hesitate as I don't really know how and what to tell. (and English is not my natural speaking, so excuse me by advance for all the "syntax error" of my writing)

edit :
new release, source release and a webpage (in French)


error : missing or invalide file

I have got this message error from mediaportal when I click on the menu

Is it any setup for this plug in ?

Thanks for your help


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June 5, 2005
Re: error : missing or invalide file

David said:
I have got this message error from mediaportal when I click on the menu

Is it any setup for this plug in ?

Thanks for your help

Hello David. Sorry that you have a problem.
Please, put here what is in the ".../log/epg.log" file.
What is the version of MediaPortal you have ? The actual plugin need MP 0.1.3 + at least one update with a CVS version of MP.
I've PM you with my MSN account to help you more efficiently to solve the problem.

James : in France, grabbing the Telepoche website is a bad idea as they often change how the datas are publish on the web. Other website obliged to have 5 to 10 second between each request. Grabbing all the datas take so loooong.... It is why a French group of users have done a project to construct an xml file everyday with all the datas already collected. And it is why my plugin is done :wink: We are not on the same approch of the problem.

To all : actual version have a problem with decimal separator. It work when the separator is "," and not "."


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  • May 6, 2005
    Hi Boris,

    Thanks for your reply. WebEPG already supports XML formats and it would be very easy to import this XML file. Can you give me the URL? Would you like to help out?

    Why does it matter if it take a long time? just run it over night.



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