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March 3, 2005
This owuld be totally awesome if it could be added to MP ...

OTOH I realize the coders are very bussy getting the current release stable and feature rich for all (ie, also non NL users) users. But who knows, there are a few NL coders so maybe one would like to spent soem time to add this =D


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June 13, 2005
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Netherlands Netherlands
If I read it right, it works with a program that creates asx files in a specific filename-format. As far as I know, MP can play videostreams launched by an asx file.

You can do this as a webradio station. asx files should be placed in the folder assgned in MP Config for streaming media. When this stream opens in a smaal window, you can maximize it by pressing X.

Right now I don't have time to test this asf creating tool. Anyone who has tried it?

Bye, Michiel

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