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It would be nice if in the directory for the plugins it would enumerate through subdirectorys as well, what I wanted to do was to have a folder for my MyInternet plugin and have the xml and images for the plugin stored there, and when requested it would first check the folder of the skin and see if ex. MyInternet.xml is there, if it was there it would return that, if not it could use my copy in my plugins directory, this way if a skin implements the plugin then it can be more customized for that skin if not it still maintains functionaly rather then the *.xml doest exhist message, I just think that you should be able to develop a plugin withoout any NEED to modify the source or the skinds directory, but it will still allow skin developers to fully customize for that plugin if desired, it could actually be implemented in the Load() function thats used and would still maintain compatability with all written plugins, but it could also just be done within the plugin as its pretty easy to check if an xml file exists or not.. just my thoughts though

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