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December 22, 2008
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Hello there,

there have been a few suggestions and threads about a Napster Plugin in MediaPortal. Unfortunately, there is still no solution for such a plugin in MP. I guess this has also been a problem of the Napster software which is needed to stream the music.

BUT: A few days ago Napster (Germany) released a new Napster software and also some new features. It is now possible, to log on to with your user name and password and then control your complete music archive directly via internet browser (Firefox, IE etc.).

You can directly access artists via search bar, albums, singles, Napster channels, radios ... When selecting to play a song/album/radio a browser popup opens with a dedicated Napster player and your playlist.

The whole concept now resembles a bit of ... so I guess it should be possible to program a similar plugin.

What do you people think? Any chance of getting this to work. Unfortunately, I'm not too much of a programmer so here's the vision ... (please) do the code ;)

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