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There is a very nice Pocket PC program from Rudeo that enables you to control in this case MCE:


A trial can be downloaded at http://www.pocketgear.com/software_detail.asp?id=13646.

Has anyone experience with this, and or any ideas if this would be useable also for MediaPortal??


Does not work, other option..


wandering through this forum i found your message concerning the rudeo control for Media Center.
It looked like a promising alternative to the wifi remote i'm using right now.
But, it doesnt work....
It only works with MCE
it doesn't even work for mediaplayer 10 with XP
(wich the other rudeo remote does).

If you find any promising alternative please post them.

here some suggestions for using Wifi connections, i'm not sure if bluetooth is supported;

Total Input (Freeware !)

There is also an app available wich is called "tablet pc"
can't find it anymore but the info link is available on
and in dutch.

Maybe it is possible to use the Rudeo Control for MCE when the control codes are being replaced by different ones. I cant see how, but it should be possible. Or the other way around, to make a pluging wich receives these codes and replaces them with other ones.

(Actually; the option i would like best is a special designed theme for the Total Input Elite Edition wich has the option to create your own remote.
If i have some time to spare i will get back on that.)

Good luck

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