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  • April 22, 2004
    Do you spend more time configuring Meedio or Using it?
    More time spent configuring...
    77% [ 94 ]
    More time spent using it...
    13% [ 16 ]
    Watching the dog stare at you while you fumble around with your HTPC
    9% [ 11 ]

    Total Votes : 121

    Taken from the meedio forums.
    Times are not changing since myhtpc, it seems.
    Although this is a commercial software now and should be usable "out of the box".

    It is the same with mediaportal now, I am sure about that. Will it ever change?

    Maybe it is just us. We like playing around with it more then using it :wink:


    This was intended as a self reflection on people like those active in this forum or one of the other htpc sw. See the twinkle in the thread topic. I did not post this in order to put down meedio or mediaportal. I wanted to make this clear just in case someone missunderstood!
    And I am approaching a 50% productive usage of Media Portal soon :wink:


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  • April 22, 2004
    The Netherlands
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    Netherlands Netherlands
    nice poll.
    Question is, why do people spend so much time configuring it?

    is it because they like 2 play with it, try out all kind of options
    is it because the darn think doesnt work and they are trying to get it 2 work



    I dont know.

    I don't use Media Portal that mutch becuse of the bugs in the MY TV part. 95% of my use is TV, and I don't have time to re-configuere everything everyday.

    Which I have to do sometimes today. I just get a black window for instead of the picture from the tvcart. Then I have to remove the conf files. Then re-configuere. And then it's working.

    I think it has something to do with a bug in Haupuage PVR350 driver. It doesn't seem to remeber to use "DVD STREAM" as it restores after every restart. I use the l8st driver.

    I will test more now and see if the TIMESHIFT has become more stable. Earlier it did just hang when I did try to forward to a part where I did have got to the real live capture. The MP did try to forward anyway thou, even if there wasn't any more to catch on to. Have read that the re/forwarding is re-writible.

    I think it's going in the right direction. Soon I will use it everytime.

    Regards / David


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    August 18, 2004
    I spend 95 % configuring MediaPortal, and the rest 5 % explaining my wife how to use it...

    The main reason for have a HTPC is my need of a TV Recorder

    From Portugal
    Ricardo Duarte


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    May 31, 2004
    LOL Thats like me too. :D

    I really like configuring it an testing every new feature, but my wife simply wants to look TV or hear music. Thats why I tried to set it as autostart on my HTPC, but stopped it after a day. My wife wanted to kill me, because it showed a black screen and she doesn´t know how to kick it and start myHTPC instead. The WAF isn´t over 50% until now. ;)


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  • April 22, 2004
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    Netherlands Netherlands
    I simply have the power button on my remote launch MediaPortal.
    Can't make it any easier on her?


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    August 30, 2004
    HTPC Success story

    @ our home its 95 % use and 5 % config. As I pulled all our CDs in there (~80albums is now MP3s), its the main source of musik. And I also created xvid's of all children DVDs which are played a lot. We also have all digital photos since 1998 in there togeather with my VideoCAM films wich also is converted into xvid.

    I had a few weeks of learning my wife when we used myHTPC some months ago. But when I dropped it and focused on MP, she didn't have any problams to adapt. She even told me that the MCE look is very nice.

    We're now in the process of throwing out the VCR as the HTPC now also takes the tv-recording part. I have a Happuge PVR250, but I lack from broadband access, so I do not get any program schedules by magic. Fiber2Home is ordered and is expected to arrive this winter.

    We're more users than configers here, thats 4 sure. A successstory so to say. I actually have a spare HTPC were I test new versions and play around with own build things.

    The main reason for the HTPC is to throw away boxes wires and stuff that does not apply to my wifes picture of a nice livingroom. Today the living room only contain a surround system which is connected by fibre to a ASUS Pundit PC with MP. And beside there is a PS2 and a VCR. The PS2 and VCR is going away as soon their functions can be easy handled by the HTPC.

    8) \Rob

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