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April 5, 2009
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I am experiencing poor DVD playback quality characterized by what looks like some sort of antialising. I have a screenshot that clearly shows the problem: http://www.kroptech.com/~adk0212/mp-antialias-dvd.png Looking at the screenshot you can see gray vertical lines disrupting the white text.

This is when playing back DVDs from ripped VIDEO_TS folders. I have not yet tried playing a physical disc. Playback of hi def AVI content is good quality with no sign of the "antialised" grunge that DVDs are showing. Only DVDs are showing this problem.

I have tried switching the DVD video codec from MPV to ffdshow and others with no change in this issue. That makes me think it might be unrelated to the codec. I have no filters/post-processors enabled.

Any ideas?

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