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Hi there
I think media portal is the program i have been looking for to create the media project i am hopeing to complete.
I am new to media software but do know my way around a pc .Which is why i am very frustated be because im getting an error whilst trying to set up tv "some of the ports seem to be blocked 31456 (tcp) remote control . & "554 (tcp) rtsp streaming.
I am familiar with forwarding ports but just cannot seem to get passed this error page .
I have even turned firewall off and disabled my router firewall & run it without any other internet sercurity on whatso ever.
please any help would be appreciated
Many thanks


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    Hey Rick,

    Welcome to MediaPortal.

    First, we'll need a little info on your system. If you create a profile, you can enter it so it'll automatically be part of your posts (see the "My system" button under my username for example). For now, can you tell me if you're trying to use MP in single seat (playing TV on the same machine that has your tuner) or multi-seat (streaming from a proper server to other computers)? Also have you installed and configured both MP and MP TV-Server? Most of your TV setup will take place in the TV Server Configuration once it's installed. You also need SQL installed to make it work.

    It is also often helpful to post log files for troubleshooting. See this link for help on that: Forum/How_to_post_logs - MediaPortal Manual Documentation

    Hang in there, MediaPortal can take some patience to get configured on the first go-round, but it's worth every second.

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