Porting Replaytv plugin from XBMC to MP... Will pay :) (1 Viewer)


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  • January 14, 2005
    I was sitting in IRC and Flavor came in and started talking about XMBC and ReplayTV. Currently XMBC has support to view and play replaytv shows. This was actually added to XMBC by Frodo like 2 years ago.

    "will see if i can include it in CVS tonight

    I am wondering why this was not brought over to MP when the guys started to write MP. HERE is the link about the source code and how it works. I have been talking to a couple of guys on IRC that would be willing to port this over.. but they just don't have time right now.

    If you do not have a replaytv and would still like to work on this... you should be able to install dvarchive and run the server. This should give you a replaytv on your network to test with. I am willing to send files that were recorded with a replaytv 4040 if anyone needs them.

    Becuase I hate switching back and forth from my replaytv and MP... I am willing to pay someone 20.00 US dollars to anyone who completes this project. It would be sent using pay pal.

    If anyone needs any more information... just let me know... I can be found here or on IRC.


    i would love to see this as well, as i use replaytv as pvr. would love to store my programs on harddrive and access within media portal. i love media portal for all my playbac of dvd, divx, 3ivx, xvid, mp3 etc, but i love my replaytv as a pvr as well, havent setup a tv card with media portal yet but dont wanna give up my replay...

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