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  • February 23, 2005
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    Take a look at the Engadget hands-on review regarding the Chumby, here: http://www.engadget.com/2006/09/05/hands-on-with-the-chumby/

    If you haven't heard about the Chumby, then you should look here: http://www.chumby.com/corporate/whatischumby

    The most interesting part about the Chumby, according to Engadget "...an almost entirely open-source device (hardware included) designed to run widgets assigned via a web interface"

    You may ask what has this to do with MediaPortal? Since it has wi-fi built-in we (those of us so inclined) could develop a MediaPortal gadget for it which could allow a music interface as one possibility to be the display and possible control for MediaPortal.

    Since MP consist of skinners and developers this could be interesting project at a point in time! It appears that the Chumby interface is Flash based, but maybe for those that are Flash proficient it could be a jumping off point!

    I think it would be interesting to watch as this device advance to production.

    One last point - If an interesting enough idea could be presented, then you could get a free one to play with! They say: If you're a serious alpha-geek hacker, a clever crafter or an accomplished Flash animator, tell us what you'd like to do with a chumby and maybe we'll part with one of our precious few prototypes. - look here: http://www.chumby.com/corporate/createorlogin at the upper left, under FREE SAMPLE


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    There's something about squeezing something that has people on the net raving... I guess it would be pretty cool being about to control something like that, but I wonder if its a novelty thing...

    Regardless... I want one :D



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    August 12, 2005
    hi there, i'm wondering, why there isn't more feedback on the chumby...

    i like this chumbything-idea a lot. hopefully someone (whos able to code/and or skin) will take this thing and turn it into the perfect remote for mediaportal. woohh, would this be cool.
    it's much cheaper than a pda (which was my preferred remote, till i saw the chumby). it also could be a streaming client for music (perhaps video) and a external display gadget, so you can leave your tvset/beamer off, if you just want to program your pvr. i'm excited! :D



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  • August 9, 2005
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    Shame it isn't available yet, I'd like to know how much it is before i get excited and want one :)


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    July 9, 2006
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    wow, this thing could be awesome! portable MP / remote / streaming audio!
    could go make dinner and fetch it with me
    Really hope someone dev`s this

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