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  • March 9, 2008
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    I am just wondering if such functionality exists:

    Recording a scrambled chanel on HDD

    Descramable it later with your CAM & SmartCard

    - This is a functionallity my current Topfield PVR is providing and is quite handy.

    Best would be if the CAM and SmartCard could be located in the Client for descrambling (e.g. PCMCIA/Cardbus Slot) which would spare me the effort to run in the cellar (where myserver is located)

    Normally the Smartcard is pluged in my Topfield (before somebody asks)


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    November 4, 2006
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    There are multidec tools that can do this, but you'll need an external card reader for this and a lot of reading on obscure websites. Plus the recording needs to contain certain streams which I think are not in the Mediaportal recordings. GBPVR does support this type of recording.

    Isn't it a better idea to add another subscription card to your collection? It will definitely save you a lot of frustration.


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