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October 1, 2006
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I don't have an account at google source, so I can't enter this in the issue tracker.:sorry: Don't like google!!
But I can still help you to find the bugs in the system, by posting my findings here.

I use cover art view (poster) and try to get swedish series "snapphanar" to work (
This series has no english content in tvdb, only swedish.
What I noticed is that it creates dirs sv ending for most things, but not for poster. It ends up in ...\-langen-posters dir
This is ok, in a way, because the poster is lang neutral. but the gui still can't find it. The database poster field =poster/83043-1.jpg ,
and thet is correct. I tested to simply copy the -langen-posters to -langsv-posters but it still can't find it.
I also tested to remove the series from db, delete the snapphanar dir with all the -lang.... dirs,
restart the computer and do the import again

Still got the same result, all the graphics is downloaded correctly, but gui can't find the poster file.




Noticed that I can manually change logo in db. Now i get the poster in the gui, but it's still a bug. should find it on his own.

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