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  • July 10, 2008
    What powersaving settings do you guys use on your HTPCs?

    I was watching a film yesterday and the screen kept getting switched off. I had to grab the keyboard and press a key.

    Do you use windows settings or turn these off and use mediaportal settings? Whichever, what specific settings are used?



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    April 22, 2008
    I use XP.

    When PC is on
    When the HTPC is on I "always on" everything especially when testing/trying new versions and software. I want to eliminate causes for errors/delays. Also I use HTPC clients on 2nd PC so I need my server to be always on when my client is on. Nothing more annoying than having the monitor lose picture because of inactivity because we are watching a movie.

    When PC is off
    I use S3 (aka Standby) which stores config to RAM when I am done with HTPC. I verified the power drain using S3 and it does not register so I assume it is less than 1 Watt or there abouts. I have not tried S4 (aka hybernate) which stores config to HDD and consumes even less power. With RC3 the S3 resume gives me some problems sometimes with infinite "MP cannot render errors". The work around is to close MP and re-open it. This behaviour did not happen with previous versions.

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