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October 16, 2005

i have 2 probs with the auto-compression function in the 0.2.0 beta.

1. auto-compression only works sporadic, when i start a recording and cancel it compression works fine and converts to mpeg (so does the manual compression to mpeg). but when i run a scheduled recording nothing happens. only when i enter the auto-compression menu and leave it compression starts!

i experimented with the time-settings (the one which is 5 hour default) and searched the forum, but i only found questions without solutions. any ideas?

i would like to use the myburner-plugin as an alternative, but i can`t get it work either. cybrlink filters are installed and the settings ("dvr-ms convert") are acvtivated, but nothing happens.

2. i would prefer converting to xvid, but it doesn`t even work with the manual compression. it only says "error", the log is:

12.10.2005 19:41:01 DVR2XVID: create graph
12.10.2005 19:41:01 DVR2XVID: add streambuffersource
12.10.2005 19:41:01 DVR2XVID: load file:D:\videos\mediaportal\KABEL 1_King of
12.10.2005 19:41:01 DVR2XVID: add elecard mpeg2 video codec
12.10.2005 19:41:01 DVR2XVID:Unable create graph
12.10.2005 19:41:01 DVR2XVID: cleanup

i have installed xvid codec and also the elecard mpeg2 video decoder. but it doesn`t work :(

any suggestions for my probs? thx for help!


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    the wording "Auto Compress" is somehow misleading. I also thought that it would start converting automatically, once a recording takes place.
    That's the nice thing on the Burner plugin.

    But it looks like that it is only invoked when you enter the Auto Compress screen in Gui.
    Once you leave it, it'll start conversion. But the way the Transcoder is being called blocks the complete GUI until the conversion is finished.

    Looks like this feature was a very quick hack. No change since August, 1st and still needs to be improved.

    Will make an entry in the bugs section.

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