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February 23, 2006

I hope someone here has a clue to a issue that has me stumped.

My machine:
hFX case, MSI nForce 4 mobo, AMD64 3000+, 1 GB mem, ATI X1800XL (Catalyst 6.2), FireDTV through Firewire.

2 Partitions (new OS installs on both):
One with MCE2005 (for my wife)
One with WinXP and Mediaportal 0.2 RC2 (for me)

Codecs tried:
* PowerDVD6
* Latest NVIDIA PureVideo
* Intervideo WinDVD 7
* DScalar MPEG2 (the one included with MP)

Displays tested:
* 32 " Viewpia LCD (1360x768)
* 19" Widescreen Fujitsu Siemens LCD

The issue:
When I look at TV and/or DVD I have some serious issues with the image. It looks like there's a residial image left all the time in the background. It's a bit hard to explain. An example: I have a image of two people standing and talking. The image switches to a new image of something else with a pretty solid background (wall, dark night etc.). On the background I now see a shadow image of the two people talking before. It looks like a bit of a JPEG-artifact. It's like there's a coating over the whole image.

An extra interesting issue is that I can see this happen only on the top 2/3 of the image. The approximately 1/3 in the bottom does not have the problem and you can see a clearly definded boundrary.

Looking at something like Family Guy on DVD makes it very apparent. This happens both in MCE2005 and MP with all the codexs except when I use the included DScalar2 MPEG2 codec in MP.

I know it's a codec issue since I tried to record a bit of TV and depending on which codec I use I either see the "ghosting" or not. This means it's not in the actual videofile.

I tried to grab an screenshot of it to help me explain it a bit better. I recorded a small segment of TV and then played it with a few codecs pausing it and then taking a photo.

Photo 1: NVIDIA PureVideo:
It's pretty obvious around the microphone. It's not that it's blurry, it's like it's moving through "dirt" on the screen. Look around at the image and it looks like it's coated with something and the screen looks dirty. But's it's all in the image.

Photo 2: WinDVD7:
Same thing as NVIDIA PureVideo codec.

Photo 2: DScalar MPEG 2 (in MP)
This image is much better. No ghosting at all.

A solution of course would to just use DScalar MPEG2 but I would like to use one of the better codecs and also find a solution for my MCE2k5 install for my wife.

Could it be an issue with ATI's drivers? I haven't tried it with a NVIDIA card since I don't have one around here right now. I used the reg-entries for PureVideo posted in the Tips&Tricks section but it changed nothing.

Anyone have any suggestions for me?



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March 22, 2006
RE: ghosting in video

I have almost exacty the same problem.
The only difference is that the DScalar MPEG2-codec does not show a far better outcome on my PC. I tried other codecs as well.

If someone has any suggestions-> they are welcome!!

Configuration: Dell 8250, Intel 2,8mhz, GForce Mx4, 256MB mem.



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April 19, 2006
Ghosting Issue

Hi guys,

I've been using Media Portal successfully for about a year, and then 1 week ago, the ghosting issue you encountered appeared from nowhere! (No changes to Media portal, nor additions). It's mainly on DVD and after extensive testing, it seems it's now occurring on every media player I have. Up until then, I had a fantasic image on everything, and now it's a turgid mess.

I've tried re-installing MP, Pure Video, and various other bits of associated software to no avail.

Did you get your problem fixed, and if so, could you let me in on the secret?

Thanks in advance.


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