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    A new thing on this homepage is the Public Developing List, there it's possible to describe what you and others really would like to see might be happening in MediaPortal.

    How's this different to the "Feature Requests" in the forums, you might ask??

    Let me explain...


    I want THIS AND THAT - PLEASE PLEASE add it - get it?

    Public Developing List:

    A good description of the idea(with screenshots, if available).

    So what's the difference?

    Devs (mostly) doesn't read the I WANT THIS thing, cause alot of stuff are suggested...ALOT. Which is fine - but most of the ideas aren't fully "worked through"(I mean no one in particular).

    So what do I care / huh??

    We all would like more developers to come and work on MediaPortal - that's our joined goal. So if you take the time to think about your idea - and describe it really good - it has more potential for old devs reading it, or even attracting new devs.

    Now you've got me listening - how do I get my ideas in?

    Well - what's really needed are something that's structured and easy to read. Discuss your ideas with other MediaPortal users BEFORE submitting - even read the ideas already posted.

    So how do I get my ideas submitted:

    You'll need an account on this website. Login, and under the User Menu, find Submit Content. Choose "Public Developing List" as section, and press the next button, and take it from there.

    So the final thing to say is: HAPPY TYPING!!! :)

    Btw. Click to access it.

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