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November 30, 2005
Hi, to all.

This is my first message. I´m from Spain.
Sorry for my bad english.

I have understood that card PVR-350 must encoder and decoder of MPEG-2 by hardware.
But, if software does not support card PVR-350 to the 100% it does not use that to encoder for the recording of the television. If he software not support entirely the pvr-350 only uses the MPEG-2 decoder to voiew DVD and not to record television.

its supports to mediaportal encoder and to decoder of the PVR-350?

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    the PVR 350 encoding is fully supported by MP. I am using it without problems. :)

    The hardware decoding is not supported, but that is not necessary. The hardware decoder of the PVR 350 is only used, if you use the TV-Out of the PVR 350, but MP can not use it. The decoding of the MPEG2 stream is done by the a normal software decoder like WinDVD, CyberLink or MP does also deliver one. The video will be displayed with your graphics card.



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  • December 7, 2004
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    I cant fully understand what your asking but maybe this is what your after.

    MediaPortal does support the hardware encoding, its what used when you record to DVR-MS files. MP cannot use the decoder though as its only used when you use the video out on the PVR-350. The PVR-350's video out cant be used because it doesnt support directx instructions.

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