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December 4, 2004

after a lot of work done I will release my first Beta of my PVR Scheduler with MediaPortal Plugin.

These are the feature:

- Supports Hibernate/Standby
- Supports WakeUp on RTC Alarm
- Supports tvinfo.de (for german users)
- Automatic Shutdown/Standby/Hibernate after recording
- Automatic Modes: Always enter Shutdown/Standby/Hibernate mode, enter Shutdown/Standby/Hibernate mode when the PC is started for one recording or automatic off.
- User Inactivity Automatic: Computer enters standby mode after a certain idle time. Can be combined with the three other automatic modes and also detects when you watch TV or listen to radio in MediaPortal.
- Computer can be waked up for synchronizing (three times a day)
- EPG Update at certain days, e.g. your tvguide.xml. It wakes up the computer, runs the updater program and enters standby mode again.
- Extended MediaPortal support. MediaPortal Plugin with own EPG to schedule recordings for other recordings programs instead of the internal one.


- .NET Framework installed
- Plugin requires Skin MCE or Blue Two

FAQ and Installation

You can also add another recording program by editing profiles.ini.

I would like to thank Sam for his great external control plugin. This is included in the setup.

I will also release the sources of the MP Plugin pretty soon.




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December 4, 2004
I newer release tonight. There are still a couple bad bugs in it, because the recordings won't be executed in MP.


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December 4, 2004

this is the latest one

*link removed*

Known Bugs:
- You have to stop the service to edit channels.ini


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January 9, 2005
London, UK
I just test waking up the PC from standby to record. I got a dialog box on the screen and this in the log file:

04/03/2005 00:29:16 initializing DirectX
04/03/2005 00:29:16 start fullscreen
04/03/2005 00:29:16 ClientSize: 800x600 screen:800x600
04/03/2005 00:29:16 exception: Warning: Nothing will be rendered.
The reference rendering device was selected, but your
computer only has a reduced-functionality reference device
installed. Install the DirectX SDK to get the full
reference device.

04/03/2005 00:31:19 running...
04/03/2005 00:31:19 Mediaportal.OnStartup()
04/03/2005 00:31:19 Recorder: Loading capture cards from capturecards.xml
04/03/2005 00:31:19 Recorder: card:1 video device:Hauppauge WinTV 88x TS Capture TV:True record:True priority:1
04/03/2005 00:31:19 opening tvdatabase
04/03/2005 00:31:19 tvdatabase opened
04/03/2005 00:31:24 PlugInManager.Load()
04/03/2005 00:31:24 Load plugins from :plugins\process\ExtControlPlugin.dll
04/03/2005 00:31:24 PlugInManager.Start()
04/03/2005 00:31:24 ExtControl: Remoting initialised.
04/03/2005 00:31:24 Mediaportal.OnStartup()
04/03/2005 00:31:24 Recorder: time to record a Manual on channel:BBC ONE from 00:31:00-00:36:00
04/03/2005 00:31:24 Recorder: find free capture card
04/03/2005 00:31:24 Recorder: Card:1 viewing:False recording:False timeshifting:False channel:
04/03/2005 00:31:24 Recorder: using card:1 prio:1
04/03/2005 00:31:24 Card:1 record Manual on BBC ONE from 00:31:00-00:36:00
04/03/2005 00:31:24 Card:1 CreateGraph
04/03/2005 00:31:24 DVBGraphBDA:CreateGraph().

Is this because of the PVRScheduler plugin ? I could install the DirectX SDK, but that never used to be a requirement.


Download Link

This Plugin sounds exactly the one I need, but the download link doesn't work, page is closed. Would you please tell me a Link where i can download it????



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August 25, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
STSC said:
I fixed all known bugs including the blank screen bug on resume!

The latest version is now.

Does this mean you've fixed the bugs within MP that causes this, or have you worked around it another way - either way, it would be great if you could somehow get your changes into MP, because that's what my MP setup is missing...



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January 9, 2005
London, UK
I don't like the way it prevents me from shutting down windows if this program is running. Why should it do this. If I want to restart Windows myself, then let me.

Also a few time now it has been unable to go into standby because my TV card is still in use. Can it be disabled before shutdown/standby as an option. This is what Fred's plugin allowed.

When are you going to start using Sam's new ECP2Assembly.dll. At the moment the version you are using will not work with my LCD plugin.

(EDIT: Looks like it was me using the old version. Sam has given me the new one)

It doesn't syncronise with the MP scheduled recordings properly. I have 2 reoccurring recordings setup, but PVRScheduler doesn't show them and I can see no way of refreshing the data apart from deleting them from within MP and starting again.

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