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January 8, 2006
Hi there - probably a really stupid question, but I have a Lifeview Flyvideo 3000 tuner card in my PC that works fine with included software, but when I try to use with MP, the video is really choppy/stuttery.

I appreciate the card is as bottom end as you can get, but the radical difference in performance doesnt make sense to me - any ideas from the guru's out there?

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    Although MediaPortal will see most cards and allow you to add them only DVB/ATSC cards using BDA drivers and Hardware Encoding PVR cards are truely supported as per the supported cards list.


    To get better performance on software encoding cards like yours then you're better off using encoding codecs which consume less CPU time i.e. for video MJPEG will be better than DiVX, and for audio PCM will be better than MP3.

    The better option however is to use a card which encodes without the CPU and hence free's up the CPU to do all that nice fancy MediaPortal related stuff.



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    January 8, 2006
    Thanks for your feedback - was kinda hoping by some miracle I needed to tick a checkbox or similar to get things hopping :)

    Im going down the H/W tuner card route - a Winfast 2000 should do the trick based on that list you've directed me to.

    Again - thanks for your time.

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