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January 12, 2006
The list says that the tv walker mini is supported

2 issues
MP identifies it as lifeview tv walker min (general S/W card) but the card has hardware encoding. (phillips 7135 chipset...but that may be the tuner bit I'm not sure. manual defibnatley says hardware encoder)
I also get no sound

I think my probs are related to this statement from the list
You have to have registered the audio encoder and muxer supplied with the drivers
Sorry for being dim, but i dont know what that means? any help? register it were?

Im using it in a dual tuner set up (other is hauppage 150 that works fine)

Athlon xp2400
PNY (Nvidia) gforce FX5500 graphics
XP pro Sp2
Tuner 1 haup 150 (working great)

Thanks for any help



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January 12, 2006
Stranger and strangerer, while I was waiting i deceided to have a fiddle with stuff. I thought perhaps register means I have to make sure the invisible gnomes that live in my PC know how to work the Lifeview cap device. So I started the lifeview software for the first time, went through initial set up and then, closed the lifeview software down, and re-opend MP Setup.

This time, there was no 'card 2', so i re-added the tvwalker, and this time it recognised it as 'General H/W decoder' (not S/W as before). Ah ha methinks, I've cracked it.

I fire up MP, but now there is no picture or sound (by no picture I mean black, not static). I switch to one of the channels I've put on the hauppage card, and lo-and behold there is blak screen no sound also.

I deleted the tvwalker in MP setup and the Hauppage card works fine again.

I'm begging to wonder if this is a dual set up issue rather than a tvwalker issue.

Anyone have any ideas to help my problem?I'm begining to suspect that runnning a dual capture centre is going to be a bit more difficult than I excpected! Is there a twin device thread somwhere? (I noticed on the home page MP are looking for twin device tester).

Finally, I noticed that on the supported cards page the tvwalker mini has a 'WIS GO7007 chipset' while as I said before my documentation reckons its a philips 7135 chipset' Could this make a difference? cause some of the problems described?

again thanks if anyone read my ramblings and stays awake long enough to post a reply

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