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December 24, 2005
Before discovering Media Portal, I'd ran Mythtv and had some difficulties with drivers, and overflowing logs.

Media Portal is more stable, and the basics of it are AWESOME!

Kudo's to the developer's for this fine piece of free work!

Are there future plans to implement some sort of scheduling system for downloading the XMLTV updates?
Is the intent to continue this as a "front End" application (vs a server/client) application?

Thanks for reading this.



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December 3, 2004
XMLTV can be scheduled as far as I know, using windows scheduer. There are some threads around here about it I'm sure.

As for the client server idea, its been discussed many times and is quite popular, unfortunately the main focus is on the next release of 0.2 stable. I believe the client server idea is going to be included in Media Portal before too long judging from what I have read. But at the end of the day its up to the devs they do this for free and are over worked so whatever they do is fine with me.

If a dev wants to answer this they will be able to give you a much better answer.

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