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June 5, 2005
Hi Folkz!
Just got little props with MP, thougt anyone here could help out where to seek the error :)

1) I have an 5.1 DD Soundsystem, and my HTPC send the data trough coxial to the system. Everything worke fine 4 DVDs, but the TV seems to make problems. When i enable timeshiftig, i can hear the sound through all speakers, when i disable it, i just get sterero.
I watched the filtergraph and in both situations, the ac3 part is used.
I use Interviedeo codec from intverdieo dvd7. Anyone else saw this problem?

2) Above is a problem, with which i could live, if timeshifting worked correctly. After about 20min of watching tv with timeshifting enabled, the tv freezes. When i switch channels, everything works correctly again for about 20min.

I think the Codec, or a problem with its configuration may be the root of bth problems. Anyone here who has an idea how to solve the bug that my tv freezes after 20min? this would be a big step :)

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