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May 18, 2008
Hello, I've been trying to get my HTPC setup the way I've wanted for a long while. I've been a mythtv user for a long time and the lack of blu-ray support in linux has driven me to explore windows options. I've been using MP for
the last 5 releases and now am on 1.0.2. It's a great program and i've really enjoyed using it thus far.

There are a few things that are either different or missing and I'm having trouble finding information about them on the forums. I have 3 issues and once they are corrected I will have my HTPC the way I want. Here they are....

1. In MythTV I had an option to select HD priority. so if I scheduled a recording, if it came on a station that I also had available in HD it would know to record the HD channel first and not the SD channel. I don't see where to set this in MP.

2. Episode management. I see that I have several options for recording shows but the most important to me is what MythTV had with the "record only new episdoes" option. Is there any support for this that anyone knows of even in the form of a plugin?

3. Having a bit of a hard time with getting the guide information working with my HD channels. In mythtv I used schedules direct and was able to manually open the SQL database to assign the XML ids manually to my HD channels so it would pull guide info. So far on MP I am using XMLTV via schedules direct and I have the correct lineup for my analog channels but on my 2nd channel group of "digital" I'm having a hard time trying to either manually assign the XMLid to the channel for guide information. The "digital" channels that I have are simply my local broadcast stations that I can pull over QAM256 with my provider and there is not a set lineup for this.

In Mythtv the solution was to add the local broadcast OTA lineup and I could assign the correct XML ids from those to the channels.

Anyhow thank you very much for anyone who takes the time to respond to any of these questions. If I could get these going it would make my month for sure. The wife would also like to see an end to this project.


TV-Server Version: whatever comes with MP 1.0.2
MediaPortal Version: 1.0.2
MediaPortal Skin: StreamedMP
Windows Version: XP SP3 - fully patched
CPU Type: core2duo 2.8ghz
HDD: 500gb sata 7200rpm
Memory: 2 GB DDR-2
Motherboard: ASUS P5K
Video Card: Nvidia 7300GS
Video Card Driver: Omega
Sound Card: Onboard

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