"Rated" word gets carried over to fan art (1 Viewer)

Phil W

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October 1, 2007
spent the last couple of days converting to Monochrome skin, installing the myTVseries plugin, and last night finally managing to get Fan Art to work - its brilliant!

However, one small bug which is annoying me - on the main screen which displays all the tv series you have is the word "Rated" just above the series logos (near the left of the screen) - when I select certain series and it brings up the wonderful fan art the word "Rated" is still there! But not when I select all series (and its not a case that on some I can't see it because its white on white! its definatel not there on some, is on others!)

Its not a show stopper or anything, its just annoying and if theres a quickfix please tell me!


Phil W

Portal Member
October 1, 2007
Nobody else had this?

It only seems to happen wihen the series has multiple seasons, so the second screen has the list of seasons (with the word 'rated' top-left(ish)...select a season and you get the list of episodes and the word returns to bottom right!).

But should the screen with all the different series listed with their banners have the word 'rated' just above them anyway? I've seen a screen shot when it isn't - what do other people have?


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